We are running a SLES10 sp1 server with OES2. It runs apache2, tomcat5 and
the GroupWise 7.03 webaccess application and agent. We have had this setup
for years so it is not a new issue. We did the gw 7.03 update in June
and it's been fine since then.

But, four times in the last two weeks, GroupWise webaccess has just stopped
responding. The webpage shows unable to connect. On the server, rcapache2
status, rctomcat5 status, and rcgrpwise status shows everything is loaded
and running.

But if I restart all three, everything comes up just fine and webaccess
works again. Just restarting one of the three does not seem to do

I'm not sure if this is an apache problem, tomcat problem or webaccess
problem, or a combination. I have looked through all of the log files and I
don't see anything that jumps out at me, but I'm not really sure what I
should be looking for.

Can someone point me in a direction I can look to get more information? I
don't know why this suddenly started happening. I periodically run updates
on the server to keep it patched. Did a recent patch do anything? Also, we
did add a certificate to this server about a month ago, but I don't think
that is a problem.

I thought of just running a cron job to restart these three services every
night, but I really don't want to put a Band-Aid on the problem.

Thanks for any help.