I have a Zen7 on OES2/Linux setup with W2k and XP clients. I have a problem with one client (on other boxes everything seems to be running ok).
The workstation runs XP Pro SP3. User logs in to workstation and when I check in naldiag, the workstation is connected to the tree. (User isn't but it's not surprising since the user hasn't logged in yet). And I can see on my desktop some icons of applications associated to workstation. When I log into the tree with novell client, the login process runs normally, it execs login scripts ok and everything seems to be running ok.
But NAL doesn't connect to tree with user credentials. Instead it even disconnects the workstation connection, so the state of NAL shown in naldiag is 'not connected' in both aspects - the user, and the workstation.
To make things more funny, sometimes (but very rarely) it works - user logs in and NAL gets connected properly.
Tried to trace NAL activity but I'm not sure what I should be looking for (pasting whole debug log here makes no sense, does it? :-)).
Oh, and the user I'm using to log into the workstation has administrative privileges. I already tried reinstalling the Novell Client (with and without NMAS) and the ZenWorks Agent. Nothing.