I have problem installing a satellite server when the primary server have two ip address. The tomcat server on the primary is bound only to the primary address. I used the tip from Jared to do that. With the command netstat -na | find "LISTENING" i can see the server listing to port 80-443 on the primary server and not the secondary one. I had also add a entry to the server.xml file to get the server listen to the port 443 because zman did not run without this.

When i associate the role imaging to the satellite server a host entry pointing to secondary ip address of the server is add to the satelite host file. This cause the satellite server trying to communicate to the primary server with the secondary ip address and that failed.

Maybe Novell is trying to avoid dns problem by adding this entry but why the secondary address is add and not the primary address ?

I don't know if this problem can be a bug.

Thank you

Martin Dallaire