Since we upgraded to BorderManager 3.9 in July we've twice had problems
with accessing through the proxy. The first problem was
when going to the site one day the page was just garbled. I traced that
to BM not being able to deliver a couple of CSS files for the site.
They seemed to be corrupted somehow. Rebooting the server fixed that
problem. Today we have a new issue. When trying to view any video we
get the message "Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old
version of Adobe's Flash Player." Neither of those is the case. If I
bypass the proxy I'm able to view YouTube videos just fine.

I've used most of the settings from Craig Johnson's proxy.cfg file. Is
there anything unusual about YouTube that requires special settings? If
I just tell BM not to cache the site will that increase my bandwidth
usage, or are the videos uncachable anyway? Thanks for any suggestions.

- Jim Wagner