I'm punting on the idea of a hidden windows login to access drive shares -- security people aren't gonna buy any of my ideas to do that. User names and passwords between the two systems (NW and M$) are gonna be different for the indefinite future.


How do I FORCE (and I mean FORCE) two logins? I'm looking for one login (either MS or NW) to authenticate (and I can join workstations to domains), and the other to handle the authentication to the other.

For instance... User logs in to NW Client32, then is prompted ALWAYS for a set of M$ credentials, no matter what.


User logs into a workstation (joined to the domain?) with M$ credentials, but is prompted for the NW login.

I've tried the second method -- MSGina being first -- but for some reason I can't get the NWLogin to appear after that for the second set of credentials (and login scripts, etc).

Any ideas?