We have an external storage device configured to attach one of our
NetWare servers for storing backup data. And it is still being used.

Now we are in the migration from one backup application to another. We
do not want to disconnect the current one until we are confident of the
configuration of the new one. But we also want to configure the external
storage device available for the new backup application. The new backup
application has been installed on a OES2 Linux server. By the way, we
are using iSCSI initiator to connect the external storage device to the
NetWare server and Linux server as well.

At this point, we can see the external storage device as a nss pool from
Linux server but it is deactivated. I am unable to activate it either
from iManager or nssmu of the server itself and the error I got is
"21621 Pool state was not changed successfully. I wonder if I can
initialize disk from imanager>Storage>device but it will cost data loss,
which I do not want that happen either.

I would appreciate it very much if someone can advise how I can share
this external storage device between the NetWare server and OES 2 Linux
10 server.

Thank you very much!