Okay... has everyone become so self-indulged that every time they put on a new hat, new outfit, or brush their hair different... they have to whip out their camera phone, or digi... and snap another photo of themselves that looks like the last 400 they've taken and shoved down our throats. Despite the fact we didn't want to see the first one? It's just like being in high school and being annoyed by the pretty boys who spent their bathroom breaks staring in the mirror, flexing, fluffing their hair... but now everyone with a computer, and some digital social interaction... are forced to suffer from.

Narcissistic much? I'm not really sure what brought this on... but I know recently it's been just annoying the daylights out of me... I take self photos when I'm somewhere amazing that I want a little photo evidence of me being there... since I travel alone... well... at least I have a great background to nullify the primary object in the photo.

Anyhow... I'm done ranting... for the moment... hehe.