I have had the email system dumped on my lap and as it stands, archiving of messenger is failing. The script to run archive shows the following:

load address space=archivemem messenger_v:\Novell\NM\aa\nmaa.nlm @messenger_v:\Novell\NM\aa\strtup.aa

However, when this is run, I get the following error:
Romoved address space because of memory protection violation
Address Space: archivemem
Reason: Free received an invalid memory pointer 0xC18AB418
Running Thread: NMAA=Archive-Workier_0
EIP: 0x9665eca6 (???.nlm + 0x0)

If i run messenger archive without the protected address space, it does run, but the archive agent shows the following:
ARC Error archiving session [0xd224]

The messenger agent is showing:
MTP error sending session to Archive Agent [0x9803]

Also, on the console screen, it shows multiple errors as follows:
function Free received invalid pointer 0xA1E37D2c

I was told by the person who left the GroupWise position that this used to work and he thought it may have been broken with an update to messenger. Messenger shows 2.0.2 HP as the version number

Any ideas??? TIA