Having problems with a new installation of NW65SP7. Built from overlay DVD.

Server is running without issue, however, when I try to set up and run SBCon to backup the server, I get an error...fffcffc5. I am using a DLT VS80 tape drive with an Adaptec 29320LPE controller. Server doesn't seem to have any problems finding the drivers when I install the OS. Controller is running adpu320.ham v3.03.13. Server is an HP ML310 G5, and I have verified that all firmware is up to date. Also have run PSP8.10.NW.i386 driver updates from HP.

The only thing I haven't tried yet is TID 5031260 which containts SMS file updates (TSA5UP22.ZIP).

I despirately need to get this backup running so that I can get paid!!! ;)