I have two single-port QLE2460s in an HP DL380G5 server running OES Netware 6.5 SP7. I've ran successfully with the current driver/startup configuration for well over 4 months now...and there have been no OS changes in the meantime.

This morning I happenned to notice that all the paths to my volumes were down on the 2nd HBA. Scanning for new luns/devices yielded nothing and a reboot did not fix the problem...nor did replacing the fiber cable.

When I went into the Q-Logic BIOS, I couldn't even see the paths to my volumes. The fiber switch ports looked good, so I assumed the card had gone bad. I then reseated it and powered back on and could now see my paths from within the Q-Logic BIOS...consistently. And when I boot the OS, all paths from the card are available up through Stage 5...but a minute or two later, the paths all go down...consistently. This made me think that maybe the OS could be involved.

Anyway, the card was under warranty and replacement is on its way. I'm hoping that will take care of it.

But being that the current drivers/config have been stable for many months, I wanted to know if there was anything else I could look at from the OS perspective that would give me additional information. When the paths go down, the other card assumes the traffic right away and I don't get any message on the console or the logger. (Incidentally, I would like to get notified if any path does go down...but am not sure how to configure that and why I am not seeing any logged error.)

Anyway, I will follow up by Wednesday and detail whether the new card was the answer. In the meantime, any advice/theory is appreciated.