The option Process immediately if device unable to execute on schedule does not seem to work.

I have created a bundle wich distributes and installs a file on the c-drive.
I have used the distribution schedule wit schedule type: Date specific.
I have used a time frame.
options enabled:
_Process immediately if device unable to execute on schedule.
_install imediately after distribution.

3 pc's where logged in during the time frame
they got the bundle distributed and installed within the time-frame at random times.
1 pc was shut down during the tiem-frame and is booted 6 hours later.
when the pc was booted the devices effective adn device succeeded was increased by one in the summary tab.
also on the client the bundle icon in the NAL has the status of installed.
no error in the eventvwr or novell.
but the file is not on the c-drive.

on all 4 pc's the same user was used.