We have 30+ Netware and SLES+OES2 servers spanning 11 physical sites connected via a star topology WAN.

We have one SLP scope with 2 D's. Our DAs run at our CO (the center of our star wan). All clients are configured to talk to our DAs.

Last week we lost power at our CO, and our workstations had trouble connecting to the Novell network because they couldn't get the SLP info. Most sites utilize VLANs so the client couldn't even fall back on to SLP broadcast.

Now I've got to go about fixing this...

I'm wondering if I should scope out each physical site and run a local DA -or- if it makes more sense to push DNS services out to each physical site, which would mean the clients could use DNS to locate our servers rather than SLP.

This leads into even more questions...

Is Novell abandoning SLP? OpenSLP (on OES) isn't directory enabled - which could be both good and bad. The lack of eDirectory integration makes me wonder about its future.

I use Novell's DNS service. If I run local DNS servers do I need to replicate the partition that holds DNS info out to every site?

If I need to replicate an eDir partition across 11 sites just to provide Novell DNS services it might make more sense to scope out each site.

Any thoughts guys?