Im trying to use a novell login script to map a drive to a windows server folder share thats on a MS domain. Using this exact same script it works fine for other servers but in this case it doesnt. Dont know if its a problem with the server cluster, the domain, or maybe need a different script command.

if member "" then begin
@net use X: \\10.x.x.x\foldername /USER:domainname\%CN

If I map the drive manually in a CMD window with net use command it works, if I manually browse to the folder or do a Map network drive in My Computer it works.

Nothing shows up in the login script results box, and the drive does not map. Ive seent he problem before, after a couple weeks it just started working. Dont know why.

The server is a Windows Server 2003 sp2, using EMC cluster system, and EMC autostart product. Im not the server admin so dont have a lot of detail. Also thats why I tend to think its a server problem that I cant solve on my end. The other servers that this script works with are MS clusters and not EMC.