I have a very strange issue with blocking www.mtv.com, www.bet.com, and
allowing www.bridges.com.
When ever I block either mtv or bet, bridges gets block.
I am running BM 3.8 all patched up using all of Mr. Johnson latest, great
recommendation (thank-you by the way) on a Netware 6 SP5.

Here is the finer details.

I have both www.mtv.com and www.bet.com in the deny list under an allow list
of a few dozen site which has nothing to do with mtv or bet. But they don't
get blocked this way. If I disable the allow list bingo they get blocked.
This would indicate to me that there is something in the allow list allow
this. I don't see it at all (even had other look thru it). So, if figure
that's ok as long as I put the two in a separate deny list above the allow
list that should do it and we'll just chalk it up to weirdness. Fine, that
took care of it. But now I have complaints that we can't get to
www.bridges.com. So I put www.bridges.com in a new allow list all by itself
above everything but now www.bet.com and www.mtv.com are allowed thru. Now I
am totally baffled. I hope you follow this convulsion, I would sure
appreciate any suggestions anyone would have.