Anytime I leave my work PC running for 2-3 days without restarting it, the Workstation Manager Service gradually starts to consume more and more memory. It seems like every day past when I restart this work PC, the Window's Task Manager will show that the WM.EXE process is consuming 100 MB more memory than it was the previous day. For example, my PC hasn't been restarted in about 3 days now, and the Task Manager is showing that the WM.EXE process is using 382,940 K of memory. If I were to not restart this PC for another 2 days, it would then be consuming more than 500,000 K of memory. None of the other processes running on this PC seem to be exibiting this weird behavior if I don't restart the PC. The version number is

I've attached a zip file containing 3 screenshots (spanning over 2 months) of the Window's Task Manager showing what I am referring to.

Does anyone know what may be causing the WM.EXE process to behave like this and how I can go about resolving this issue?