I'm hitting issues with the scalability of ZENworks 10. First of all, let me say that in our organization, we probably have one of the largest ZENworks application deployment scenarios in the world. In our current ZENworks 7 setup, most users have over 300 user associated application objects. In addition, most workstations would have between 50-100 workstation associated objects, with many more objects "indirectly" associated through application dependency rules (primitive bundle groups).

We've had a test install of ZENworks 10 running for some time now, and I've been planning the migration process, and assessing when and how we'll make the switch from ZENworks 7 to ZENworks 10. There are some things about ZENworks 10 that scale much better than previous versions. Refresh times in particular appear to be much, much quicker. I had to do some serious voodoo in ZENworks 7 due to the sheer number of application objects we had, to prevent icons taking several minutes to appear on machines which use dynamic local user accounts (pre-building NALCache files/registry through scripts before launching the NAL, loading from cache, and forcing a refresh immediately after. Nasty stuff). I'm running into a big problem in ZENworks 10 however, which I haven't been able to work around so far.

Simply put, when I associate more than 150 or so bundles to a user in ZENworks 10, it has a bit of a meltdown. Things work fine with smaller numbers, but once I associate more than some arbitrary number I haven't exactly narrowed down yet, none of the newly associated icons appear on the client machine. Instead, what I get is a stream of errors being logged for the device each time a refresh occurs on the client, all of the form "Could not add bundle {GUID} to session", where each message contains the GUID of a different bundle.

I've tried a number of things to work around this problem, such as indirectly associating bundles in small clumps to a number of bundle groups, and then associating these bundle groups to the user groups. Nothing I've tried so far has worked. I can't find a way to get more than 150 or so user-associated bundles working correctly in ZENworks 10, which is less than half the number of user-associated bundles we currently have. This is a critical problem for us, and it's preventing us from migrating. The ZENworks 10 version we're running is (server and clients).

I haven't been able to find any real information about this error. Any ZENworks engineers/guru's have any thoughts? Also, has anyone else attempted a distribution this large in ZENworks 10 before?