We have 34 Border Manager servers on different sites, each configured
without filtering. We recently installed Connectotel Content Filtering and
it works fabulously! Except for one small problem. On the servers where
BM37SP2 is installed, the error page (403, for example) loads with a 403
message and also a logo which is called by an img src html tag that
references their CFILTER.NLM.

As soon as we install SP3, the logo no longer loads.

Content Filter is a CERN filter that points to port 8081. The Border
Manager listens to requests on port 8080. If I point my browser to post
8080 (the correct configuration), the logo does not load. If I point my
browser to port 8081 (bypassing my BM Proxy), the logo loads.

I have Connectotel working on this as well, but was hoping that perhaps
somebody might know a significant difference between SP2 and SP3 that might
cause this. No other changes were made to the Border Manager servers and
the installation did not make any changes to any NetWare files.