We've used Netware here and at our other branches for years and I've been tasked with setting up another of our branches with the same.
With this branch being that itís so far away I'd like to have 2 servers that share a single storage area, so in the event that one server goes down they donít have to wait for me to ship a replacement to access their data.
From what I've read iScsi does exactly this...my only concerns are the performance of it. I've read a lot of mixed reviews and a lot of pros/cons.
There doesnít seem to be any definitive answer (probably as everyone has different uses).
For our use, the storage area would house all users day to day data/home directories/Sage accounts data. With about 20 users it would be under reasonable demand.
Is iScsi up to the job?
Is there alternatives to this setup?
Any ideas and advice would be greatly appreciated