I've searched but can't seem to find out how to do what should be simple.
I've installed ZCM 10 sp1 on a new OES2 server running on SLES. I want to do a discovery task and bring workstations into the database but when I make the task I find I need to use a machine as a Windows proxy because I'm coming from Linux. That's understandable but it's here that I crash.
It wants the proxy machine to be already discovered and part of the Workstations (or other) group.
If I can't do the discovery, I can't assign a machine to be the proxy, right?
I've tried installing the Adaptive Agent on a couple of workstations and even ran zac reg https://server ip but all I get there is a network error or a failure to register. I made sure the hosts file on the workstations would resolve the ip of the server but I'm missing something.
Any ideas?