What the heck does
Object of type Novell.Zenworks.ActionManager.ActionResult cannot be

Seems like app deploy of ZESM 3.5 client is not reporting status to ZCM
10.1. ZESM client tries to deploy over and over and over and over. Ended
up having to set bundle requirements so it checks to see if c:\program
files\novell\zenworks security client\stengine.exe exists so it won't
install if it's already there. I don't really like this workaround.

It seems as though, partway thru the ZESM client install, the workstation
looses its connection to the network (I see the systray icon indicating
it's broadcasting for a dhcp address.). During this time, Adaptive Agent
cannot send updates to the zcm server. Eventually the workstation
reboots (even though I've specified in the bundle AND in the ZESM msi not
to reboot). When it comes up, ZESM client is installed, but Adaptive
Agent does not think so, and tries to install again. The occurs for
eternity, until I reimage the workstation, or go into safe mode and
disable services, etc... Which sure ain't cool.

Bundle is set to install MSI once per device. Runs as logged in user.
Run at user login.

Thanks in advance for any clues