I have a client that has an OLD application that runs based on being able to log in as SUPERVISOR with no password. The original build came from the NetWare 3.x days, maybe even NetWare 2.15. In all honesty, security is not an issue. The client is a DOS workstation running login from the autoexec.bat file. (NOTE: Yes...I've told my client that this is ABSOLULTELY the last revision of this software that will work....next server upgrade will have to come with a different application).

Back in 1999, I replaced the server, and the version of NetWare we installed at the time was 4.1. I'm not sure if the Supervisor account was automatically created or not, but I know for a fact it was not migrated. However, at the time, the application ran normally loggin in as Supervisor.

Well, that server finally bit the bullet, and I just installed a new HP ML310 G5 running OES2-NW6.5SP7. It did not create a Supervisor account by default, and even when I created on, set it security equal to Admin and gave it supervisor rights to all the files, it would not log in properly without a password. Oddly enough, even when it logged in, it did not behave the same way as the Admin account does.

All that to ask this question. Within NW6.5, is the Supervisor account still supported? If not, from a DOS client, is there any way that I can get "login" to work without having to provide a password?. If not, how can I "script" the password to automatically be passed?