This is a strange one. We're running BM37 sp3 on NW6

Users were getting blocked with a 403 forbidden error whenever they
tried accessing So I edited a rule that we
have that allows certain URLs. Still got the 403. As a test, I created
a new rule at the top of the rules and allowed all users access to
this URL. Still the 403. To ensure that the rule was firing, I added
another to this test rule. (Normally this site is
blocked). I could now get to This tells me my test
rule is indeed firing, but just not for
I've verified that its not redirect to some other URL and its not
going to an HTTPS site. Also, if I uncheck "Enforce Access Rules"
temporarily, I can get to this URL.

Doesn't make sense to me. This sounds like a bug. Or have I
overlooked something?

-Marc Johnson