We're running NW65sp7 with QLA2340 FC HBA to a Compellent SAN and
would like to know what optimum server parameters for a SAN
(previously server was on direct SCSI). Ran across these setting

Set the QLogic 2200 BIOS settings as follows:

* Execution throttle = 256.
* LUNs per target = 32.

NW server parameters:
# Sequential Elevator Depth = 6000. Should be set to a higher value
than the default of 8 to allow the MAGNITUDE to optimize the I/O for
maximum performance.
# Ignore Disk Geometry = ON. NetWare should ignore the disk geometry
of VDisks (which have no intrinsic "shape"). This is strongly
recommended for systems that use VDisks of 2GB or larger.
# Enable Hardware Write Back = ON. Allows an increase in performance
under many heavy usage conditions (NetWare 5.x only).
# Maximum Concurrent Disk Cache Writes = 4000. Allows the performance
to increase by letting the MAGNITUDE optimize and perform many tasks
# Maximum Transactions = 10000. To optimize the use of the MAGNITUDE,
it is recommended that you allow as many transactions as possible to
occur concurrently.

These came from the following TID relating to clustering NW on a
XIotech Magnitude SAN.

Are these generally wise settings. Seems direct storage would have
different requirements than a more managed storage would.