Hi People,

I am in the middle of setting up a 3 node iPrint cluster. There is only going to be one driver store and manager. I have setup the iPrint clustered resource and have this up and running and switching between servers. The other clustered resources in this cluster are running fine.

I can access the iprint web page when it is moved.

The thing is I am a little confused with the Driver Store & Print Manager. I have read the documentation for iPrint_lx and understand that you either use a domain name or ipaddress for the clustered resource in the target server field. The bit that I don't understand is the server part. Why do you point it to an existing server in the cluster? or am I understanding this wrong?

Do the driver store and print manager database sit on the iprint clustered resource? and if so how do I get the driver store and print manager to point to this?

I have created a driver store and print manager already but may have done it incorrectly. The driver store comes up, but the print manager won't initialize. I have applied the latest patch for iPrint on OES2 Linux for the database corruption possibilities.

any help is appreciated