We have a need to implement "private printing" for a number of the large printers in our organization.

HP calls it "Private Printing" other manufactures may call it something else. But what it is, is where the user enters a password or PIN code in the printer driver or while printing the document. The user then needs to enter this when he is physically at the printer to retrieve the document. Useful when a manager needs to send a sensitive document to a shared printer.

This functionality is provided by the driver. Problem is if I use an ipp port, the options within the driver are no longer present. I can only see these "Private Print" options if I setup a local printer printing directly to the TCP/IP port.

I have tried increasing the Security, SSL and Direct Print, but nothing.

What burns me is if I install this printer on a Windows 2003 Server and share it out, this functionality works Perfectly!

This is a make or break problem. If I can't solve this problem, then this organization will need to move away from iPrint. :(

Thanks in advance!