When changing an expired password through the Novell client login method and trying to change the Windows password also (Novell Client->Advanced Login->Windows Password Synchronization=on) we keep getting the error:

"The Windows password entered is invalid.
NOTE: Other passwords in the synchronise list were changed."

However, if we change the password using CTRL+ALT+DEL->Change Password then it is fine

We have eDir 8739 and a synchronised Active Directory domain to which workstations are joined.
The workstations are Windows XP SP3.
We have tried Novell client versions:
v4.91 SP3
v4.91 SP4
v4.91 SP4 + 491psp4_login_5
v4.91 SP5 (Beta)

This is a MAJOR problem for us, as we need the 'local'/client side password sync so that the windows password change can be 'caught' locally and further sync'd to another app... I have tested on workstations both with and without this other app, so it doesn't appear to be that.

I have checked that there are no windows password (account) policies in place, and as stated it works fine through the CAD->Change Password method

Does anyone else experience this issue?
I am trying to determine if this is a Novell client issue or if it could be some sort of local problem...
Any log/tracing suggestions?

Many thanks