I have a mobile user that when they are here our distict they need
Internet access. We have no problem providing that access to them VIA
SSL. Where we run into some problems is our internet log files. For some
reason it doesn't show the user name in the log file but it does show us
the ipaddress of the user. The log file doesn't show all the information
that our normal client trust users have for example. We can tell the user
was on Yahoo for 28 hours this month but I could'nt tell you where they
surffed on Yahoo. On my client trust users I can tell you where they went
on the Internt and what they clicked on. Also I run RT Monitor they show
the SSL user as blank but it does show the ipaddress.

Thanks in advance for your help. If you have any questions plese let me
know or if you want more details feel free to contact me.

Blaine Garner
Technology Specialist
Eastern York School District