First, I'll say that I realize this is probably not the correct forum for this question, but I'm not sure which is. We have a couple of interesting situations that could potentially be easily fixed if this is possible.

We have a VPN using Access Manager and the Novell SSL VPN, we would like to make sure that certain users can not login through the client into the VPN. In other words, they should be able to login to the VPN and use certain web based applications, but on their laptops that have the client installed we do not want them to be able to authenticate to the tree and get to their file shares. The easiest solution seems to be preventing them from authenticating from the VPN subnet ( while allowing them to login from any of our other subnets.

We also have a generic login that is used for specific computers that are in public areas, we would like to limit that user to only login to the subnet used in those public areas ( and not in any other subnets.

Is there any way to do this?