We are swapping out out old BM 3.8 SP5 Firewall/Proxy server with a new
BM 3.9 SP1 server (both are NW 6.5 server, the old one is SP5, eDir and the new one is SP7, eDir 8.82). I have TID 3083890 - "What
do I need to modify when I change IP address on NetWare 6?"

I've also read TID 10063612. But I have a question. It states: "Make
sure that you open the filters.cfg file in Windows and do a search and
replace of the old ip address with the new IP address. This is vital
for your filters and exceptions to function."

Can I change the IP address in the "filters.cfg" using notepad???? Or
is the refering to using the iManager WEB interface to make the

Any other thoughts on the change out?

I think TID 10063612 missed the need to look at SLP and the SLP objects.