I have a liitle but very annoying problem.
I have one tree and two servers there.. NW51sp6 (ip+ipx) and NW 6.0sp5 (ip,
border 3.7 sp3 + last updates) BM server placed in separate OU.

Prefered server is NW51 via IPX. Client32 with IP + IPX and IPX is
prefered protocol

SSO anabled and clntrust (dwntrust than clntrust) run thru login script.
But user cant connect to internet - BM shows "you are not authorized" error
page. Clntrust's shows reguest success=0 and reguest failed=0
Simple manual lunching dwntrust then clntrust solves the problem.

Is any idea's ?
And what understandig for "Time to wait for SSO reply" ?