We are revisiting Teaming after having left it alone for about 6 months.

I have a new installation of Teaming 1.0.3, running on SLES10.1 It is authenticating against eDirectory on a separate server.

After the install, I had trouble getting users to log in to the Teaming site. I have ensured that the LDAP mappings are identical in both LDAP administration areas (still a mystery to me why you need to have 2 areas to map the same data; smacks of poor development IMHO).

Eventually, after making a "bogus" change to the users in Console One (i.e adding and then deleting some data, so there was no net change to the user's eDirectory entry), I managed to get the three test users to log in.

I noticed that these users were not required to accept the licensing agreement on their first login.

Then I created 2 more users in eDirectory, and tried to log in using the new accounts.

The log in page does not report "Invalid Data", so clearly these users are being authenticated correctly. However, they are getting hung up on the "License Agreement" page, in the sense that the page does not load correctly; in fact, the browser gets redirected to

and then displays a "Cannot display this webpage" error, with the heading "HTTP 500 Internal Server Error"

When I try and (manually) point the browser back to the login page, it then gets pointed to

where again the page cannot be displayed.

Any help appreciated, thanks in advance.