Currently doing an Eval on ZCM, as a move from ZEN7.

We run a locked down desktop (no admin access), so msi need to run elevated or by some other admin access.

We currently do this in ZEN7, and it takes care of it out of the box.

I see in ZCM, you need to manually set it to "Elevate to Admin", Run as System Admin, or Dynamic Admin.

Ive tried to get this working for one simple msi that we currently use in Zen7. Called ACL.msi,, that opens up directories or registy entries, via CustomActions in Properties Variables of the MSI, plus creates a log.

Ive tried this uner, "Elevate to Admin, Run as System Admin, and Dynamic Admin (Dynamic Admin looks like it could solve alot of our CustomAction MSI issues ??)

Anyway whatever I try its a no go,, either the progress indicates a failure, or it seems to install , (logs ok) but it has not granted any rights.

Any help would be good, first step in the Eval, and she aint looking to sweet.