Hello list.

We're backing up two nw6.5 sp7 machines using a backupexec remote agent (BE
11d on W2k). One machine (normal fileserver) is well. The other machine is a
groupwise server. Here we've got only 350 MB/min on a 60GB RAID1 volume.
With tsatest there are 730MB/min possible. We installed tsa5up22. No change
on the mailserver. I know, that the mailserver holds a large number of small
files which reduces the backup performance. With my other machine we have
more than 1000MB/min on a 120GB RAID5 volume.
Tsagw isn't loaded and tsa.nlm without the /gw switch.
Both machines are HP Proliant. Fileserver is a ML 350 G3. Mailserver DL 360
G3. Both machines are running PSP 7.91a.
Is there any chance to get more performance here?

Thanks in advance for your opinions.

Best regards.

Dirk Emmermacher