I am using NW6.5 SP2, BM3.8 SP2 Proxy

I work in a college. I was told that a student had stopped other
students from accessing Google.co.uk. I logged on as a student and found
this was true, the bordermanager screen came up saying access denied. I
was told it was done the way we do it (not confirmed) which is using
NWAdmin32. I have accessed the colleges blocked sites using NWAdmin32
and I cannot find www.google.co.uk there. It is definately blocked as no
student can access it (supervisor can). Is there another way of blocking
a site where NWAdmin32 will not pick it up? I have looked for www.g*
etc.. and cannot find this either. I have looked for the google.co.uk IP
Address as well and cannot find this there. I cannot find any reference
this way of the site being banned. Any advice on what to do?

Thanks in advance.