First post on here so sorry if I make a faux-pas with the etiquette :-)

We have an estate of about 8000 client PC's running Novell Client 4.91 SP3 for Windows. desktop PC's are running Windows XP pro, mixture of SP1 and SP2 machines. Netware servers are 6.5 SP6.

We are trying to run a web based Policy Management solution called Lanconsent that runs from the login script. The application exe resides on the user's authenticating server in sys\public. The script also sets a token value for the users login id and context (using environmental variables), which the app uses to authenticate. The script command then executes based on a group object to which users are added. The web app connects to a URL that is on a Windows 2003 server running IIS. The web server is a virtual machine (VMware).

We have found an issue on some client machines where the application hangs during execution, but only from a cold boot. From a warm logoff / logon it works ok. We have tried troubleshooting DNS/WINS, DHCP, and routing issues, which was our first thought. However, there is no consistent problem that we can isolate. The supplier are convinced it is a network issue.

So, trying to rule out other factors, does anyone have experience of launching web based apps from the login script, and has anyone experienced issues when doing so? I was wondering if there may be something that needs to load during the GINA initialisation that could be affected by a cold boot. The other thought was relating to passing credentials during login, and that there is an authentication issue because of that.

Thanks in advance.

Rich Baynes
Senior Server Analyst
ICT Services
North Yorkshire County Council