System: Netware 6 SP5

The server originally had two (mirrored) 9GB disks, which had previously
been replaced with 18GB disks. The two volumes SYS and MAIL are
distributed over a number of segments and partitions.

I installed two 72GB disks, and mirrored the existing partitions to the
new disks. I then created a new mirrored partition to extend the
existing MAIL volume but due to bad UI I created a 48GB partition and
allocated all of it to the MAIL volume. I understand that to recover
from this that I will have to back up, delete, recreate and restore the

However at the time I was more interested in extending the SYS volume,
so I created another mirror using the remaining free space and allocated
it to SYS. It was at this point that the server crashed. Upon rebooting,
the server claimed that SYS was missing segments 0-4 (i.e. the actual
segments) and that segment 5 was invalid. It removed the definition but
failed to mount. The automatic VREPAIR corrected something in the FAT
table which allowed the volume to mount, but I am still getting the
segment 5 error.

Is there any way to repair the SYS volume without recreating it?
(Deleting the partition perhaps, but I don't want to try it live.) How
do you recreate the SYS volume? (I failed to find any instructions on
the support website.)