Could it be clarified if the following are correct statements relating to
methods to TOTALLY remove the pre-10.1 ZCM agent from a workstation & ZCM Zone
(leaving machine like ZCM was never installed)? :-

1. Un-install and choose to remove from zone.
2. If removal from Zone bit will not work (for whatever reason), then delete
device in ZCC.
3. If agent MSI un-install will not work properly (for whatever reason), then
use MSIZAP on workstation to
remove MSIs and manually delete device in ZCC (assuming removal from Zone did
not complete either).

4. If normal un-install/removal from zone did not work fully, also delete
anything left under "c:\program files\novell\zenworks" (there is nothing in
registry being used?)
5. If wanting to avoid re-installation picking up any old GUID, zap ISD using

I know the normal add/remove programs bit should be enough, but I have a
customer who has issues such as the above (for whatever reason) and need to know
what will definitely remove the agent cleanly...