A simple question I hope:

What conditions must be fulfilled to get the local Windows account to show
up under "Synchronize this password with:" in the "Change Password" dialogue
that pops up when you log in from the red N (after Workstation Only) and the
eDirectory password has expired (Grace Logins >= 1)?

We push the setting "Windows Password Synchronization" = On
(ShowNTConnectionsInChangePasswordList = 1) but this has no effect on this
particular dialogue, only on the CAD.

I have not been able with any setting (I know of) to get anything to show up
Username and pw are the same in Windows (local SAM, no AD) and eDirectory.
And again, NOT from "Change Password" in the Ctrl+Alt+Del dialogue, there
the local account IS present, but from the "expired pw dialogue". The one
where there is no option to fill in the old password so you understand which
dialogue I'm talking about.
I mean, since the option "Synchronize this password with:" actually is
present, there must exist some condition to get it occupied?

Whatever I've tried it's always greyed out and empty :-(

Rolf Lidvall
Swedish Radio (Ltd)