Donít know If this is the place to list this thread, so please tell me if there is another place better. My existence is a risk here and in urgent need for help.
I have been using Netware for about 15 years now. And I have written a number of tools to help our college to automate the creation of user accounts, including special folders and groups with specific rights. It has been a very involved process over the years. We have also written applications that control printing and auditing user activity on workstations and record them to a database. A lot of the code for creating user accounts is a very aggressive use of uimport. I have gotten our routines to create user accounts and folders regardless of uimport restrictions and still have be able to get around the folder length problems.
Late last summer the college had decided that we were to upgrade to Vista for the fall. Well I told them that the books that we use are not ready yet and will not be ready until spring of 2009, so no Vista for the current semester. When installing vista and Netware client and Zen for desktops. I found the horror that you probably already know I am to mention. Workstation manager does not work with vista. And I now understand why it wonít.
But still my problem is, how can I make anything work with Netware and vista so that I do not have to totally rewrite all my code from scratch, there is simply no time to do this for Suse. I am told that ZCM10 is the solution but it is totally different from Zen Works and that it will not work on Netware 6.5 only on oes2 (suse) and higher. Which does not help me out any because I will have to rewrite 10+ years of code on only a few months for Suse, and Iím pretty sure that Suse will not support uimport. ( or can it by creating the users through Netware and add them to the tree? Just a sudden thought.)
Is there any way that I still use Netware suse and ZCM combinations easily, that will allow me still to allow users to login to a Vista machine and Workstation Manager or something to manage their logins?
I know I can easily rewrite my code to run on a windows server. (most of the code runs on a windows workstation and uses Netware commands) But I really would like to stay with Netware and Zen Works. As I said all my coding is here.
Will ZCM be able to allow me to use Netware for user accounts and ZCM on SUSE to manage desk tops.

Any suggestions please