I'm looking for a better faster way not to allow workstations internet
access. Is there a way to do this via an access rule? We have teachers that
would like to take their students to a lab to write a report but not allow
them access to the internet. I have BM3.8 with all the patches. We have and
use zenworks. Here is what we do now:
1. A teacher lets us know what lab and what time.
2. We then set an application to run after the user logins
3. The application runs DWNTRUST and makes a few changes to the internet
proxy config that points to a bogus proxy.
This works but I was wondering if there is a way to use workstation objects
or workstation group objects in a BorderManager access rule.

Thanks in advance
Blaine Garner
Network Specialist
Eastern York School District

Blaine Garner

Eastern York School District