Hello we have a need to restrict inbound SMTP connections on port 25 to
only allow email from our Anti-virus/Anti-Spam provider (SPRINT Email
protection services-Frontbidge). This way our GroupWise server will only
get email from the 10 IP addresses of the Sprint Data Centers. This will
prevent anyone from spamming/or virus attacks directly to our mail server
or bypassing the scanning they provide. I am trying to think of the best
way to do this using BM firewall. Seems like I could create a filter for
all 10 IPs but wasn't for sure of the specifics. The 10 ips are from
different blocks/sub nets so I will have to do more than one with a range.
They are 12.129.x.x., 63.161.x.x., 206.16.x.x., 216.35.x.x., 62.209.x.x.,
213.206.x.x. etc.
Anyone have any ideas or suggestions, maybe someone has setup a
filter/rules to do this sort of thing before.

We are on BM 3.7sp3 and NW 6.0sp5