Using zman I can create the user source in AD but not the context within the source.

My xml file is below:

<UserSourceInformation xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="">
<!--Configuring a user source, allows bundle and policy objects to be assigned to idenities contained in an LDAP directory-->

<!--Please enter the connection information for the LDAP directory.-->
<RootLDAPContext>DC=ads,DC=DigitalAirlines,DC=co m</RootLDAPContext>

<!--Please enter the LDAP credentials that will be used when information is needed from the user source.
These credentials need to provide read access to the contexts of your tree where users reside.-->
<Username>cn=ZENworks,cn=Users,DC=ads,DC=DigitalAi rlines,DC=com</Username>

<!--Include the containers of your user source where your users reside. In order to minimize browsing
include user containers directly. You may include any number of containers independently and manage them as a set or individually.-->

<Context>OU=Test</Context> <!--The context is specified relative to the root context, DC=novell,DC=com -->


I can use ZCC to create a context in this source so it is not an issue with permissions. I have left the LDAPRootContext blank and goave the full LDAP path to the users folder in the Context directive.

The server I am testing on is ZCM 10.0.2 on W2K3 Ent sp2. Thanks