I have the following problem:

2 HDDs on a raid-5 array failed. I let repair them and make sector copies.

After plugin the sectorcopied hdd's i can see the pool and the partition from the repaired arry. The volume is missing.

nssmu shows that the pool is in maintenance state with no logical volumes.

then i try to make nss /poolrebuild=sys1 the errormessage appears:
Can't continue! Status 20444 (beastTree.c[3397])

with the option /purge it is the same.

before the hdd's failed i had a volume in the pool.
after the hdds failed i make a new pool with a new poolname other hdd's. i use the old volumename because many user have links to the volumename.

How can i activate the pool and get back the volume?
I have nw6.5 sbs with sp6 installed.

when i look with a sector editor on the array i can see that some data i need exists