Here's a good one.

I just finished installing SP7 to a server and then copied over some
updates to the sys:\system directory (an iprint update). When I
restarted the server it said that it could not find BROKER.NLM and
NDPSM.NLM when they were loaded from the autoexec.ncf file.

Looking in the sys:\system directory I saw that they were both there but
(for whatever reason) were flagged

All the other iprint update files I copied over show the same flags. If
you look at them using Windows Explorer they show up as folders. Now I
can't remane, delete, move, copy or anything to them. I got iprint
working by putting the files (copied again correctly) into another
directory and adding that dir to the search path.

Anyway...anyone have any ideas on how to get rid of those other files?

Chris Lowe
Datacenter Administrator
City of Boise, Idaho