I am finding a lot of our windows XP SP2 and SP3 clients are not passing AD credentials to ZCM v10.1 at the initial domain login per user meaning a user can log in to 1 pc with no trouble but may be prompted on another. We are purely a Windows server and client environment. I have enabled various logs and tried suggestions from other threads. As there is nothing blatently obvious in the logs collected so far I attempted to enable casa logging by editing the client.conf - debuglevel 3 (changed from 0) and I created a new folder called logfolder but so far no casaauthtoken.log file has appeared.

Although I'm not seeing "cannot find the file" in the zmd-messages.log I've followed doc #7001250 but there is no sign of the casa dlls no matter what I try. Do these apply to my environment? If so how do I ensure my casa msi files are ok?