We have an issue with apache2 running on netware 6.5 sp6

To nutshell the problem we use sophos antivirus and host our own web based
update CID for som of our users protected by simple password security.
having worked for years it has stopped funtioning properly.

when an update request comes in it fails to update, yet if you change the
settings on the sophos client to use another password it works for one
updates then fails again.

after thinking it was an issue with sophos initally we opened calles with
them to work on a fix.
we exhausted all options with sophos. I have tried hosting a sophos CID on
an IIS box anx it works fine.

Have also tried moving to the lastest release of Apache2 and see no change
in the problem.

more than happy yo put up mu configs if nayone would like to take a look.