Just did an upgrade to BM 3.8 and SBS NW 6.5 on a server running regular 6.0 and BM3.7. This unit is used only to provide a firewall. Did the BorderManager upgrade first. No problems. A few days later did the upgrade to SBS NW 6.5. Worked ok until I applied the SP3 patch. Somehow I managed to let it re configure and rename my NICs. Result was a total trashing of filters. Fortunately I did have copies of my filters. I finally did a total reinstall of BM 3.8 and filters after renaming the two NICs Private and Public (thank you Craig Johnson). Filtering seems fine. This was all done over 7 hours over the weekend and all seemed fine. Fast forward to Tuesday. All at once the access rules have changed. I first discovered it when I tried to update my Norton Anti-Virus. At first I thought it was a filter problem. Then I tried to access the Symantec Web site through my browser and got the BM Forbidden Message! There is no rule in the list, nor has there ever been one blocking access to Symantec. I found several other sites that were generating the forbidden message that were not supposed to be blocked. None of these sites were listed in any of my rules. I finally turned rule checking off. Once that was done & BM restarted I could again access these sites.

I plan on deleteing the rules and re-entering them, but wondered if anyone else has seen anything like this or might know a cause.


Lee Collar