After migrating an NSS volume from Netware to OES Linux my some users reported a folder missing while other users, who were part of the same group granting rights to the folder, could see the folder without issue.
I have since been able to recreate the issue in my test tree on a different server with different users. I've opened a ticket, but I'm wondering if anybody else has seen this issue. Here is the scenario.

UserA and UserB are both members of SharedGroup

Volume1 has a directory HOME with a subdirectory SHARED. (aka \\server\volume1\home\shared)

UserA is granted RWECMF rights to the root of Volume1

An inherited rights filter at directory HOME allows only Supervisor rights to be inherited.

An inherited rights filter at the SHARED directory also allows only supervisor rights to be inherited.

SharedGroup is granted RWECMF to the SHARED directory.

With this setup. UserB connects to \\server\volume1 and sees the HOME directory, and can use it to access the SHARED directory as you'd expect.

When UserA connects \\server\volume1 they see everything at the root EXCEPT the home directory. If they navigate directly to \\server\volume1\HOME they can then see the shared directory and access its contents normally.

The only way I can make the HOME directory visible to UserA is to remove the IRF at HOME or remote the rights granted at the root of volume1.

For now I've removed the IRF at the HOME directory, but this setup worked fine when the volume was hosted by Netware. Anybody else seen this?