I had an interesting conversation with a software developer the other
day over Microsoft products. Basically he programs in .net. According
to him Microsoft is open with it's API's (I guess he wasn't keeping up
with the news). Also Microsoft is the most secure platform. I laughed
at that one... out loud.

I will say this. The arguments against Windows being a crappy OS is
kind of moot in my opinion. Windows XP has worked mostly flawlessly for
me. I say mostly because it's had a glitch or two here and there. I've
seen Windows 2003 servers that have been up and running for over a year
(no updates applied). Reviewers seems to give Win 2008 pretty good
reviews. Vista's biggest problem is really lack of driver and
application support, but that's getting better. Vista will still
probably be considered a ME like OS. Also IE is getting better at
supporting generally accepted web standards.

He freely admitted that he has no problem with Linux and open source,
but he's never really had the chance to use either of them.

So what's my problem with Microsoft. The truth is I don't like
Microsoft because of licensing, their size, and the fact that they
control the market in a bad way. I'm just a rebel I guess. Somebody
who hates big money.

Another sticking point for me is the fact that the Dept of Justice sued
them for being a Monopoly and then turns right around and forces you to
use Microsoft products. Sure that's not Microsoft's fault, but it's a
clear indicator that the **** company is way to big and powerful.

I'd still like to hang out with Bill Gates for a day. Eh, so sue me.
He is the quintessential underestimated computer nerd. (see I can use
big words. Even if I don't know what they mean.)
Matthew - The Great System Tyrant