I'm trying to install the included sybase server on a standalone machine. Eg without zcm on it. I may have understood this wrong. Am following the steps in the zcm 10.1 documentation / Preinstallation tasks. So i install a clean sles 10 sp2 and mount the iso.
I then run sh /media/zcm_10_iso/setup.sh -c
I choose to install oem sybase sql anywhere.
Pick default ports and supply a password for the database. And leave everything else default.
The installer ask for the path of the DB and to open up the ports in the firewall. It displays a summary of what will be done. What sql files will be injected and finally what commands will be run.

/opt/novell/zenworks/share/sybase/bin/dbinit -e -p 16384 -zn UCA(Case=ignore;Accent=ignore) /Novell/ZENworks/database/zenworks_database.db

/etc/init.d/sybase-asa start

/opt/novell/zenworks/share/sybase/bin/dbstop -c "UID=database.admin.user;PWD=sql;DBF=/Novell/ZENworks/database/zenworks_database.db;DBN=zenworks_database" -y -q -d

Pressing next warns me that i will be installing oem version of sybase with schema for zcm 10 sp1. Hitting ok brings up a progress bar indicating installation of Sybase SQL. Wich soon becomes Configuring Database.

And then this comes up

There was an error during the creation of the ZENworks database. Please review the error, and try again. Click next to quit the installation.

Hitting view log brings up a firefox window unable to show the log file, The path contains whitespaces so it can't display the log file.

ZENworks_Database_Creation_30 Sep 2008 10.30.44.log.xml